Client: OTP Mobil Kft.

Simple by OTP
Simple's developer, OTP Mobil Szolgáltató Kft, has been developing innovative fintech solutions since 2013 to make everyday finances more convenient and more accessible.
Developing new features in Simple App.
AutSoft has developed four new modules that are accessible on both iOS and Android platforms.
Ticket: purchase theatre and concert, with venue selection and display of purchased tickets.
Cinema: purchase tickets, select a location, and display the purchased items.
Food ordering: on-site menu display, ordering and payment in the restaurant.
Food delivery: order food at home from several different restaurants.
  • Android

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  • They think ahead, plan ahead and communicate with all stakeholders throughout the project in a structured and precise way. For us, this has made it much easier to both finalise features and deliver content accurately. Their way of working highlighted user situations before implementation that we would not have thought of.
    Zsolt Kudik - Exalt Interactive
  • A proactive and fast team. They came up with working code in the first few weeks so we could test key hypotheses on the product. With this fail-fast approach, we were able to test user scenarios early in product development and thus refine the way the software worked.
    Tamás Fogarasy - Exalt Interactive
  • As one of the largest medical device distributors and manufacturers in Hungary, we have been working with AutSoft Zrt. and its predecessor AutSoft Kft. on several projects in parallel for 3 years. Their rare professional solving ability combined with their extraordinary professional background brings good solutions to sometimes seemingly impossible tasks. It is especially appreciated that they have been able to follow their rapidly expanding staff and tasks with organisational development and management structures.
    Géza Reichardt - CEO - Rextra Kft
  • As the head of HWSW, the largest IT magazine in Hungary, there are few things I don't hear, few companies I don't know. I trust that the previous sentence makes what I write about AutSoft sound even more credible: they are the only domestic IT company where a very robust set of developer competencies and competitive market knowledge combine with very strong academic and educational roots. Unicum is that mix. That's why I love working with them!
    György Bőle - Founder - HWSW
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