Management Policy

Our vision is to build a sustainable digital future by leveraging our innovative technology solutions developed by our highly skilled colleagues. 

The goal of AutSoft is to offer and implement the optimal technological solution for its customers, understand their business processes, understand their operation, and assess their needs. In addition, we continuously improve the quality of our services and our operational processes to achieve and maintain the satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders. 

We also give priority to information security issues both in our operational and service processes and regarding the developed software products. 

As a responsible company, we ensure the implementation and development of our service and support processes in line with expectations, as well as the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information processing processes by the following means: 

  • Our Integrated Management System is operated and continuously improved based on stakeholders' requirements, relevant standards and legislation. 
  • A constantly developed regulatory environment is maintained. 
  • We ensure the accurate and safe operation of information processing equipment by complying with the documented operating procedures, planning and monitoring changes. We use change management procedures to ensure that we can assess the expected impact of changes as accurately as possible and monitor the implementation. 
  • All the information and devices are protected from unauthorized access or modification. We regularly review access modes and permissions. 
  • We continuously improve the quality and information security awareness of our employees and the competencies required for work. 
  • We prevent the loss and damage of information assets and the disruption of our operational processes by protecting information assets from physical threats and adverse environmental impacts. 
  • As a result of the company's operation, we pay special attention to security-conscious software development, storage and management of personal data in a manner that complies with data protection requirements. 
  • The vulnerability of our IT systems is regularly tested. 
  • We ensure that, as far as possible, we prevent incidents, complaints, grievances and information security incidents related to our services. 
  • We handle incidents related to our services, processes and information security and data protection and investigate the associated causes. 
  • We procure new information systems and develop existing systems taking into account information security aspects. 
  • We monitor our processes with measurements and observations to carry out the necessary interventions efficiently and increase the maturity of our operations. 
  • To continuously improve, we formulate quality and information security goals, broken down from the corporate strategy, and provide the necessary resources to achieve them. 
  • Our employees & partners are expected to comply with our quality management and information security policies and regulations. 
  • We evaluate our quality management and information security and related corporate processes through an annual management review. 
11th January 2022.
Dóra Cseresnyés
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