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Microsoft Build 2017

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Day 1 keynote

Two weeks ago, Microsoft held their annual developer conference, Build. In a three day event the company was drawing the vision of the future where they want to be heading for. Beside the high-level planning we could meet the newest technologies what Microsoft is giving to us, the beloved developers.

We watched the day 1 keynote together at BME-AUT with a familiar company. We were happy to welcome many curious guests from other companies and students from BME, who came and intended to watch Build with us. Many thanks to Bence Kővári (MS-RD) who organized this little party for us.

But what have we seen?

Breaking the traditions, Microsoft dedicated the day 1 keynote to their Azure cloud platform. They announced a lot of improvements and innovative technologies, but one of the most interesting things is a new view of the cloud and device relationship. This fresh architecture is called intelligent edge where we can distribute the intelligence through the various devices. This can be a key aspect in the future of the IoT world. We will surely investigate on how could we use this technology in our SensorHUB framework.

intelligent edge

We saw an amazing demo about Microsoft's artificial intelligence vision where a smart workplace is monitoring the environment real-time and recognizes devices, users and activities.

As we can see, artificial intelligence is a key part of Microsoft's strategy. A lot of new improvements were made to Azure cognitive services, bot framework and Microsoft graph. Compared to Google's announcements from last week, it will be a big competition in the field of AI with the related developer tools and end-user solutions.

Also, we got many new services too, like the Azure Cosmos DB which is a multi-model and multi-API, globally distributed database.
Every aspect of the development toolchain is growing. A lot of enhancements in DevOps scenarios were announced: the improved Docker tooling support is especially nice.

Is Microsoft only B2B now?

After all these we would ask: Where is Windows and the consumer world? Will Microsoft now focus on business-to-business services only?

The answer isn't yes or no. We cannot deny the fact that Microsoft makes its living from Azure and Office 365, so they understandably want to emphasize the progress that they made in these services. Of course, they didn't forget Windows, as the Day 2 keynote is fully dedicated to the client side technologies and services. But these are not in as high volume as the server side aspects. (Maybe I will point out this in another blog post)


Beside the keynotes there are more than 450 pre-recorded, breakout and live Q/A videos in the Channel9 website which cover almost all Microsoft technologies.

As a developer, I am really excited about the ASP.NET Core 2.0 Introduction, because we are already using v1.1 in our projects successfully. The Future of C#, news about the Universal Windows Platform and Xamarin sessions are also quite interesting for us.

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