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Online presence, instant access, two-way, and interactive communication—these concepts probably mean the same to everyone. InfoHUB will help you to take the road to digital transformation.

The key to success is to be up to date through continuous and constant information streaming, and to win and retain the loyalty of clients. Use technology to serve your community!

So what exactly is InfoHUB?

Let us present you InfoHUB:a general-purpose,  yet  highly customizable multi-domain mobile system created and designed by AutSoft. It is a content management software for mobile phones, tablets, and a live communication channel between you and your users.  

Because what’s one thing that most people carries around everywhere and every time today? Exactly. Mobile phones. You, as a community leader have everything to reach your community easily with customizable content and get quick feedback from them using surveys and voting platforms. Inform them about the latest news, programs, or any kind of information with push notifications, or if you prefer GPS-based notifications. InfoHUB will help you with the content management, and to have instant, real-time connection with the audience- even with several millions of people at a time.

What is content management?Strengthen your brand through customized app design and personalized information! Match your mobile app with your brand’s design!

The admin interface of InfoHUB is easy to use, community leaders can personalize the design as well as the content. It also supplies an opportunity of segmenting users based on different aspects (e.g., location), which allows targeted information and event promotion according to consumer behavior. With InfoHUB, behavioral targeting, and complex target group management are easier than ever!

What’s more, your mobile app builder will help you catch the eyes of the audience with the help of Augmented Reality, so you can share unique and exciting content. And on the other hand, you can keep track of your users’ activity and improve your application based on real data.

Looking for a mobile app developer?You already found it: InfoHUB offers solutions for a variety of domains like smart cities, sports clubs, shopping centers, universities, TV stations, and companies to build stronger network by offering a tool for sharing personalized content and exchanging ideas. Let your people be heard!Let’s see some examples: an application for a smart city can make the citizens’ life so much easier, as well as the visitors’ time spent there. Looking for the opening hours, events, or latest information about anything that occurred around you?

Just open the application and find everything in one place! You can even report issues if you see something out of order, or not properly working.  

In the case of sport clubs and universities: you can share any content with the club members or the students you’d like with only one click. Do they often forget something? Not a problem anymore, send targeted reminders, notifications!

Shopping centers can easily share coupons, recommend, and remind people about special sales. Organize contests, games, send notifications: multi-language function is also an option.

Let your social network be stronger than ever before!

Richard NAGY, Head of Mobile Division, AutSoftNowdays, our world is faster than ever. If you are not fast enough then you might miss out opportunities. Although, developing a new software from the scratch takes a lot of time and it can be very expensive, there is an easy way to save time and money.All you have to do is browse through the market for available products, maybe there is a complete software system which is perfect for your needs. Why should you choose an existing system? Because you can set it up in no time. And there are many advantages besides that. You don’t need to be a developer yourself or have lots of developers at your company. For a small price you can use a professional and well tested tool.One of the most dynamically evolving technology in the last 10 years is the mobile technology. Nowadays almost every company has at least one mobile application or plans to develop one. Just check the mobile application stores. There are loads of banking, tourist guide, food ordering, health, shopping apps and we can continue the list endlessly. Your business can’t ignore this costumer channel. Based on this trend, we created our product: InfoHUB. Choosing this, you don’t need to worry about the development, bug fixing, testing or maintenance, you have only one thing to do. Provide the content to your costumers.

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