As an innovative company, AutSoft is a pioneer in R&D. Our projects range from basic theoretical research to applied development of solutions for everyday use.


Areas of research

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
IoT platforms and frameworks
The massive amount of data available today – photos, videos, structured and unstructured data – poses a significant challenge for companies. Artificial intelligence (AI) enables us to filter relevant data, enhance our business processes, and support decision-making. By analyzing and processing the data with machine learning systems, we can achieve transparent decisions even in complex tasks. Moreover, the combination of AI and Machine Learning (ML) enables us to automate formerly time and resource-consuming processes compactly and profitably.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the surrounding everyday physical objects into an ecosystem of information that enriches our daily lives.  Recent years have seen a new industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0. In essence, Industry 4.0 seeks to implement the highest possible degree of automation in production lines, using modern data mining techniques.
Industry 4.0 solutions help digitalize the manufacturing industry and make the production process more effective, allowing users to automate their environment.
We do R&D in areas of time series and trend analysis, anomaly detection, user profile generation, machine learning.

Future’s solutions

Our team’s scientific and applied research results in proof-of-concept prototypes.

○ Image processing, Computer vision
• Image Classification taskson the given data set
• Semantic Segmentation
• Instance Segmentation
• Object Detection, Object Tracking
• Face detection
• pose estimation
• Scene reconstruction, Image restoration
○ Time Series Analysis and Prediction
  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Classification
○ Deep Learning based Natural Language Processing
○ Data Lake creation
○ Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IoT platforms
  • Assistance in industrial processes by computer vision augmented and virtual reality
  • Development of IoT platforms, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance
The IoT that represents the convergence of advances in miniaturization, wireless connectivity and increased data storage is driven by various sensors.   Sensors detect and measure changes in:
  • position,
  • temperature,
  • light, etc.
The technology’s cornerstone is data collection (at as many points in the production process as possible.)
  • clarification of production cross-sections and development points
  • identification and resolution of production problems
  • determination of long-term trends
  • production process optimization
  • competitive advantage

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To predict PB Gas demand on gas and petrol stations. Several factors, like holidays, weather, subcontractors behaviour, gas stations behaviour, previous year, were taken into account. We established connections between many sides of this domain (like contract data + SAP fact data etc.) and developed a model which was 40 more precise than before.


To capture all field information from the Hungarian ID card and process it.
This computer vision and object character recognition task required us to capture all field information from the Hungarian ID card and process data based on an image taken with a webcam or smartphone. The automation of this process saves time for the administrators of the partner and enables them to automate the registration and many other processes efficiently.


Our data collector solution.
  • industry-independent
  • fully operational (no other systems required, e.g.:ERP)
  • can be integrated with other systems as needed
  • gives real-time feedbacks on processes
SensorHUB platform contains the following areas:
  • Sensors, data collection, local processing, client-side visualization, and data transmission
  • Cloud-based backend with BIG data analysis and management
  • Domain-specific software components
  • Applications, services, business intelligence reports, dashboards
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PB Gas demand prediction
ID card and address card recognition
IoT platforms
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